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Metal Stamping and Blanking
Socima Stamping we mass produce metal parts for the automotive industry and we are specialized on medium-large size body and chassis parts. This is a complex industrial process, which we carry out with the highest quality standards, thanks to a fully automated 5- presses tandem line (one 600 + 400 t double effect press, and four 600 t single effect presses). We also have a blanking line for sheets from 0.8 to 4 mm thick.
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10.000.000 stamped pieces

Socima stamping plant has been working for PSA since 1999, supplying approximately 8 million pieces. Our experience and the quality of our products have gradually increased our client portfolio. In 2005 we started our collaboration with Emtisa (Nissan), and up to now we have supplied already 2 million of stamped parts.

High quality productivity

Technical characteristics of the Tandem line (1030 Tn + 4x600 Tn)

ERFURT - PD4-HH-630+400ES
Force of ram
Force of inner ram 6300 Kn
Force of outer ram (blank holder) 4000 Kn
Inner ram stroke 900 mm
Outer ram (blank holder) stroker 700 mm
Maximum drawing depth 280 mm
Maximum inner ram height 1800 mm
Maximum die height 1700 mm
Bed area 3500x2230 mm
Ram area 3500x2230 mm
Inner ram area 2900x1600 mm

FAGOR SE 4.800.3660.2440
Force of ram 6000 Kn
Stroke of ram 710 mm
Adjustment of ram 510 mm
Maximum die height 1460 mm
Bed area 3660x2440 mm
Ram area 3660x2440 mm
Strokes per minute 8to20
2 base press cushions with two pieces in superior part
Total force 80 Kn
Cushion stroke 200 mm
Total cushion surface 2510x1820 mm

ROBOT ABB-IRB 6400 3.0 75PT
Quick Change
PLC Siemens S7 control system
Bus Profibus-DP
Technical characteristics of the blanking/progressive line (300 Tn)

Stroke of ram: 255 mm
Coil width: 125-630 mm
Coil thickness: 0,8-4,0 mm
Advance: 20-630 mm

Technical characteristics of the blanking/progressive line (500 Tn)

Stroke of ram: 300 mm
Coil width: 600-2000 mm
Coil thickness: 0,6-3,2 mm
Advance: 5-3000 mm

Our Added Value

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    We support research and study of the most suitable technological solutions for the automotive industry.
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    The best industrial installations in the specific sectors of tooling and stamping.
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    We employ state-of-the-art technology and specialized software in all our products.
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    Socima has over 25 years of experience in the automotive sector.
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